Services and Fees
Tanner Horsemanship
       Relationship Based Training
Coaching/Mentoring  (Virtual) $100 per session. Can be through phone, video, skype or Google Hangouts. Session includes minimum of 1 1/2 hours per session

Coaching/Mentoring  (Virtual) $1,000 package includes 14 sessions as described above.

Coaching/Mentoring  (Personal) All rates same as above

Clinics   (public) 7 person minimum - $150/day per person 
Clinics   (private)  -  $400/day per person for up to 2 - $350/day per person for 3 - $275/day per person for 4 - $250/day per person for 5 - $200/day per person for 6 - $150/day per person for 7+
  *** We can customize your clinic according to your needs. Weekly rates available for clinics or  
       training. Please call to discuss your needs with me.

Training (personal session) - $70/hour - Travel fee applies if at your farm or facility.

Training$1,000 per month - includes full board. Customized training as per customer needs.
Includes groundwork and respect, de-spooking, obstacle work, softness to bit, seat and leg aids, great stops, etc.

A personalized custom video of your horse's training from groundwork to every cue
under saddle is included as a private youtube link for your reference at the end of training.

$500 for 2 weeks - includes full board, custom designed training as per customer needs 

Western Saddle Fitting - Virtual or Personal - $100 includes free copy of my Western Saddle Fitting guide and consultation until a good fit has been established.

Riding Lessons  $40.00 per hour, private only. Most people have not ridden a really soft, obedient and well trained horse. My goal is to teach people first, what a well trained and safe horse really is and second, how to ride and communicate properly with their body, reins and legs under saddle. From beginner to intermediate. Also included in these lessons are groundwork exercises for respect and teaching of Horsemanship principles in general. Ages 9 and above.

Consulting   If you are looking to purchase a horse other than through Tanner Horsemanship and would like to have the horse evaluated for you to assist in your purchase decision, I offer this service to you at the fees described below:

    Consulting fee - $75.00 no travel fee if within 15 miles round trip
    from zip code 27549

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*** All Checks must be made payable to TANNER HORSEMANSHIP ***