Horse s Name:    Reno
Horse s Age:12
Sex:     Gelding

How long have you owned this horse?      About 8 months

Where is this horse in the "pecking order"?    Top of the pecking order

What are this horse's fears?     Fly spray and the whip

Does this horse have any dangerous perpensities?    
He will buck and rear, and he will bite and bully another horse if given a chance to in the pasture and under saddle.  These might not be
considered dangerous to some, but to me they are.

Has horse ever bitten or kicked anyone?   no

Bucked?    yes

Reared?  yes

Charged anyone?     no

Pulled Back when tied?     no

Are there any other problems not mentioned above?     
He does not like his feet handled.
He won't stand still to spray on the fly spray (fear).
Can't clip his ears.
He walks too close to me (pushes on me and doesn't respect my space) when leading on the ground.
He hates any round pen work (tries to tear out of the pen & is out of control).
He turns his hind end to me when I go to get him out of the stall.
When working in the arena he will stop when he gets tired and lay his ears back and fling his head around and rear up a little and he is likely
     to buck if you use the end of the reins and slap his butt with it.
Most of the time he will stand still while I am getting into the saddle but he starts to walk off before I can get my 2nd foot in the stirrup.
When being led past pastures with geldings that he doesn't like he will lay his ears back pick up his speed and try and walk over me to
    "show out" in front of the other horse.
While trail riding in a group, if riding with a gelding he does not like or does not know he will pick up his speed and try to get near that other
     horse to "show out" and when you try to control this he will toss his head start moving sideways.

What is the worst or the most "un-gentle" thing this horse has ever done?     
He reared and bucked with me one day when "he" decided he didn't want to go out on a trail ride. 
He lunged at another horse on a trail ride to bite him (mouth wide open, top and bottom teeth showing). 
He attacked one of our mares in the pasture--ran her down and kicked her off her feet. 
He runs the fence line and charges at the fence line when placed in a pasture beside another gelding he doesn't like

I do believe this horse is a good horse even with all of the bad things I just told you.  Every time I ride him, he tests me with something.  I am able to work him through these tests except for when it turns into bucking.  I want to feel confident that I know what to do about my horse's behavior towards other horses on the trail so I don't have to ride at the back of the pack away from everyone because I don't know what else to do...

From Pam:   We did not get to work on the trail issues specifically that day but everything we did will greatly improve his respect of Amanda under saddle. I also gave her the skills to handle it if things should get ugly again out on the trail. We completely fixed all the problems mentioned above except the ear clipping (just not enough time). We tested him leading him by all the horses he didn't like and he was an angel. We also taught him to soften to the bit, respectfully move when asked under saddle (and with a good attitude) and stop and back up softly. He also learned how to move his shoulder right and left off of our legs.

I know its difficult for some to believe that we accomplished so much in one day but once you get a horse's mind and respect, there is nothing you cannot fix, and quickly!