The purpose of this page is to show examples of the training that is put into each horse sold. I take special time and care to de-sensitize each horse to different obstacles and situations that would normally frighten them. The vast majority of equine related deaths happen away from the arena, usually out on the trail due to two things. One, the horse spooks at something that frightens him and reacts in a dangerous and uncontrollable wey. The second is that the rider does not really have the training and control of the horse they need to pull the horse out of that dangerous reaction. I really strive to create a horse that is comfortable with the world around him and has the softness and control needed to be a safe, quiet mount.

You will notice that all of my videos are un-cut. You will also notice that none of the horses are sweaty or out of breath as if the horse has been lunged, worn down or it took 25 takes to get it right. I have a very solid and respected reputation in the horse industry and it has been built around the fact that my horses are what I say they are. In addition to this, I do my very best to match the horse and rider correctly. Many horses out there have been passed around and many people have made purchasing mistakes. My goal is for these horses to find permanent homes and for horse and owner to have a long and happy relationship with each other.

A very unique and valuable service I offer (for a nominal fee) is to provide a sort of "how to" DVD to the new owner. This is an instructional DVD of how the horse is trained. I start with saddling and cover correct saddle fit, bridling, groundwork instruction to establish a respectful relationship between horse and owner and finally, complete instruction under saddle detailing how the horse is trained and how to ride him.properly and effectively communicate with him under saddle. Also offered for a fee is a DVD of a training session of you and your new horse, personally instructing you how to effectively ride and communicate with your new horse. I can't think of a better way to start things off right with your new equine partner.
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