Fly Spray/Spray Bottle Training
Saddle Fit - Western Saddles
Saddle Fit - English Saddles
My Favorite Slip Knot
De-Spooking with Plastic Bags
Standing Still While Mounting
Fear of Mounting Block
Standing Still at Mounting Block
Problems Handling Ears
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Pulling Back While Tied
I decided to do a Free Video page to include problems or issues that I feel are of absolute importance to help as many people as possible stay safe around horses. I get phone calls and e-mails on a daily basis from people all around the world that talk about injuries that are a result of not knowing how to deal with the fear issues of horses. I decided to offer these for free because I feel so strongly about safety.

Horses are wired for fear and have a knack for storing information about situations that have scared or traumatized them and are reluctant to let those experiences go. No amount of treats or loving on your horse will get them over their fear of certain things. This is why it is important for you to learn how to help your horse overcome their fears, especially the fears that directly affect your safety while around them. Although these videos do not come close to covering every issue out there, they include some of the most common problems. I am working on a DVD series that will be much more thorough and include just about every problem one would encounter with their horse and how to solve it.

For you to be your safest around your horse, your horse must look to you and accept you as LEADER. If your horse ever walks past you while leading, dives for the grass and tries to drag you around a bit, pushes into you or doesn't respect your space especially while scared, your horse does NOT respect you or trust you to take care of and protect them as leader. As a foundation, I suggest that you learn the groundwork exercises necessary to establish that respect and therefore, the trust that comes from leadership. I have a DVD that will cover this and will be offered for sale soon.

DISCLOSURE:  I never recommend trying to train your horse without professional help. These videos are for education purposes only and in no way guarantee your safety around horses. Use extreme caution, good judgement and lots of patience while working with or around horses.
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Bridling Problems
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One Rein Stop (a life saver!)
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Clipper Training
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