Dear Pam,
"Last Call" (my previously unstarted 3 year old gelding) is amazing!  You've completely transformed my horse.  When we took him to Gettysburg, it had been 6 weeks since I had picked him up from you and done anything with him.  He had never been on a trail outside of your place.  When we got to Gettysburg, they were having a Halloween party for the kids.  There were kids of all ages running around in full costume, screaming, and swinging bright orange trick-or-treat buckets.  He never once spooked.  Once we got on the trail, we had to cross serval busy intersections, a wooden bridge, and a creek; we had to let the guided horse tours pass us a few times; and there were people all over the battlefield on bikes, jogging, on segways, and riding motorcycles, and he never once spooked.  He did everything that was asked of him without hesitation and acted like a seasoned vet.  He was exposed to almost everything that could spook a horse and never cared.  Even my vet (who also happens to be my husband) commented on how much better he is since getting back from training!  He finally understands personal space.  I can't thank you enough for the work you put into him!

  Kristen Havens Washington D.C.

I brought you an out of shape, injured, scared, barrel racing horse with a bad attitude. As a beginner adult rider with so many bad experiences, I was almost ready to give up and concede that maybe horses weren’t for me.  After your training and clinics what I have now goes far beyond a well trained horse. You showed us how to build a true partnership. We are both having so much fun on the trails I feel like a kid again. You gave us all the pieces we needed to be successful;  knowledge, physical conditioning, emotional control, leadership building and trust. Your natural horsemanship methods make sense. It is so refreshing to be with you and experience what a masterful trainer you are and also see that you truly love horses. I am forever grateful for you!

  Ashlee C., NC

I just wanted to say that you are a gem among the horse world.  First, with me consigning my horse with you to sell.  You were so kind and understanding about my sadness and concern over selling him.  Most importantly, with further training from you, he found the perfect new home. You are great matching riders to a appropriate horse.  I admire that you put my horse and the future buyer first, which assured him of getting a better home...and not just making a quick sale. You did everything you said you would do selling my horse and more!

I have also had the pleasure of taking one of your clinics on my new horse Alea.  I wanted to build on the relationship with her as adjusting to a new horse takes time.  Your clinic helped me build my confidence as a leader.  The surprise was that it also made me trust HER more, when I was focused on getting her to trust me more only.  Your knowledge and guidance throughout the clinic gave me the confidence to ask her to do things I really didn't think I could do with her.  Your method enabled my horse to go through the training without force or anxiety. The steps taken through the clinic are like building blocks getting the horses acclimated from ground work, progressing to  mounted riding through the obstacles.  My horse actually was sleepy at times, relaxed, happy and proud of herself.  And finally, everyone was so friendly and it was a blast!  I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to sell, buy or participate in one of your clinics.  I can't thank you enough.  You are the real deal.

  Lori B., NC

  Hey Pam! 
Dreamer is doing WONDERFULLY!  Even after a few days of not working with him because of weather, illness and work schedules, he still remembers everything we learned in just the two hours we spent working with you!!  He may not ever be a show horse, but I think with continued work and visiting you a few more times, he will make a very quiet and sane trail mount!!  I'm excited and I giggle like a little girl every time I get on him now!!  :-)   Thank you again for your help with him, and I'll be in touch soon to schedule another visit!!!
   Andrea, NC

Thank you for an excellent clinic, it was the best clinic I have gone to with Boo. I loved the way you broke up the time into three sections, it gave us a chance to learn and do different things that made us safer on the trail. For me having the time to work through the noodles and hanging shredded tarp made the actual trail part easy and totally enjoyable. Look forward to doing it again.
   Susan, VA

   Pam, I am so thankful that I was able to attend your De-spooking & Trail Clinic. It was great!! I regret I had not taken part in your clinic sooner, if I had, you could have helped Justin and I work thru some problems earlier. When I had gone before I only observed one day of a 2 day clinic, but actual participation is the best. I am glad that he did his little thing while we were out on the trail and you were there to walk me thru the correction process. I stayed back from the rest of the group, a little farther than before to see if he would try it again, and he didn't. It seemed like he figured it out before we reached half way. I want to thank you for helping me so much with Justin. He is a great horse. Even after the clinic was over you helped me with some collection issues and balance. Meanwhile the trails were great! I want to come back and ride sometime soon. Pam, without hesitation, I would recommend your clinics to anyone.
  Thanks, Juanita Bahama, NC  (Sept., 2011)

   I had the privilege to come down to NC for a 30 day apprenticeship with Pam this summer.  I also brought my Appaloosa Sport Horse mare down with me.  The first weekend I was with Pam was her summer clinic which I participated in with my mare.  I was so amazed by how much she learned in just two days. She went from a disrespectful, spooky and nervous mare (a dangerous combination) to calm and respectful just from the first day of the clinic. The second day I was amazed at how quickly her stops improved and how much more control I felt while riding.  For the next thirty days we reinforced the training from the clinic and also taught her more advanced skills. I was amazed how Pam broke things down into such small steps which allow the horse to feel comfortable and learn the skill so much quicker.  The thing that amazed me the most was the speed the horses learned things and how simple exercises on the ground translated into things in the saddle and even with how the horses interact with other horses.  My mare couldn’t be left alone in a pasture for the longest time but after just a few days of training with Pam she was so much more confident and could be left alone anywhere. Another thing to note is that Pam’s training sticks!  I bought a gelding from Pam in 2004 and he is still one of the safest and most reliable horses I’ve ever met. Also, when I brought my mare home she was the same horse I had when I was with Pam (as long as I kept things consistent).  Pam is just a great all around trainer who I learned so much from. She taught me things about every aspect of the horse (i.e. riding, grooming, feed, hoof care, etc.). I’d recommend her to anyone, no matter what age or discipline.
  Carlisle, PA


   Many thanks for the wonderful two day horsemanship clinic.  I could really see a difference in my pushy, mouthy gelding's behavior by the end of the first day, and it got better from there.  I really appreciate your approach, which is systematic, organized and progressive.  Each new step seems to build on the previous one, everything makes sense and is done for a reason.  I had not previously understood  how to create a relationship with Traveler where he could respect and trust me, but I think we are now on our way.  I am really looking forward to your DVD, so that I can review and keep practicing to cement the good changes.

Thank you also for your hospitality, your wonderful staff and the beautiful environment.  I look forward to attending an advanced clinic with you in the future.

By the way, Traveler got off the trailer after a four hour ride, and instead of dancing around and running by me, stayed respectfully behind me on the way to the barn after one little reminder.

Ditte Phillips

   Pam, I had a wonderful experience in your June 2011 clinic.  Even sick, I got so much from it.  I've been practicing ground work with Lacy when I'm out of the bed...haha!  Yes, I was a verrry bad patient but a dedicated horsewoman.  Lacy has done a quick turn around.  She's backing up without protest when I ask and seems perfectly happy to do it.  I'm very interested in an advanced clinic, taking some lessons with you, and doing the trail clinic.  I've referred some other owners with horse issues to you and a friend from Raleigh that is looking to purchase a hunter.

  Susie, NC

Pam, I loved your quiet, patient, no drama approach to training.  I call you the 'No Drama Mama' of horse trainers.   :-)  Good luck with the colt training.  I'll call to set up a lesson.

Sue Walker (Clinic Participant)

   Thanks so much for the photos.  Yes, Saphira did gain from the weekend, but so did I!  I am so looking forward to the DVD, can’t wait until you have it available.  So many of the people there were supportive of me and Saphira where here pretty much people (including my family) are saying I should get rid of her.  It was really great in so many ways.  Also, to see that I am not the only one having difficulties with my horse!  My other two do not have the issues Saphira has, but as I train the baby, it helps to have all the tools I can possibly have! I think the baby is going to be the perfect horse  when she gets done, and I want to do all that I can to ensure that she is!  Thanks for being a part of that and I felt that you were a kindred spirit in the horse world for me.  Your philosophies mesh very well with what I think.  Thanks again!
  –Cathy J

  Hi Pam!

  I just wanted to thank you again for your hospitality, training tips and generally making yesterday one of the best days ever.  As you can tell, we're a group of gals that are very close and different but have one thing in common, we love our horses and to ride.  Diane felt loved and celebrated and more than that, it restored her confidence in her ability to climb on board, even @ 70yrs old!  Having some stops and the truck available at certain points on the trail ride portion of our clinic gave her the comfort to know that when she did give out, she could get back to the barn.  It worked out perfectly.  She has a lot of health problems and today she's feeling like a teenager again. :-)  It was the best birthday gift she could have gotten.
  Your girls were so helpful.  I'll bet I asked them to adjust my stirrups 3 different times looking for my comfort length and they never acted like it was a pain, not once.  It did not go unoticed.
  I'm sending a pic of Lacy that was taken the week after the last clinic.  We softened and connected before we started trotting and she was so relaxed and stretched out her stride.  She had been striding short, avoiding and worrying about pain.  This is the best she's looked since I restarted her.  I just wanted to share.

  Thanks again, Pam
  Suz   (Private De-Spooking/Trail Clinic Participant)

  I don't know where to begin with Pam Tanner.  She has been an inspiring and patient mentor for me.  I have participated in two of her clinics these past two years.  After my first clinic, I began coming out regularly to learn from Pam and her methods.  I could go on and on about what I have seen and learned.  The truth is, Pam does not hold back on any knowledge during her clinics and does her best to give each participant a personal experience.  However, watching Pam work it is clear that she has something special that can't be put in to words, and carried out by participants in a clinic.  She always goes out of her way to make sure everyone benefits from the clinic and they do.  Pam is unbelievably talented and entertaining to watch.  I would encourage anyone to participate in one of her clinics, buy one of her horses or send their horse to her for training.  Her knowledge of horses allows her to achieve results that might take others weeks of months.  I have had an amazing experience and I encourage others to take advantage of all she has to offer.

  Tess W.,  Greensboro, NC

  Pam Tanner is one of the most caring trainers I have ever seen. I have known her for quite a few years and have been to many of her clinics, boarded with her and had her work with me and my horses. She never pushes a horse beyond what she knows a horse cannot physically or emotionally do at that point in the process, but she doesn't allow those pushy ones to run over her either. She doesn't "make" a horse do something - she encourages them to be a more confident, respectful, and willing partner to their human. I have watched her work with horses and their owners and discovered that she takes into consideration the personality of both the horses and the owners in a combination to create a partnership. She knows that each horse is an individual and one technique will not work with all horses (or owners). I was honestly ready to give up on the horse I ended up with after my husband quit riding (I sold my horse and kept his). I honestly would not have the horse I have today if it had not been for Pam. It did not take long, it just took her knowledge of what she knew Rojo was capable of and she would not allow me to give up. I am so glad I didn't. If it was possible, I would personally make sure that every horse owner or potential horse owner knew of Pam Tanner and her talent.

If you want that partnership with your horse that you thought you could only dream about, contact Pam. It is possible.

  Wendy Mills, Oak Ridge, NC

  Pam, I was as excited as a child on Christmas morning getting to come to one of your clinics. Thank you so much for all the wonderful information you shared at the clinic this past weekend.  You and your assistants were so helpful and answered any questions I ask. And  I also noticed the same with others in the group.  You went out of your way to be as helpful and gracious to everyone as possible. Many thanks for allowing the use of your horses and equipment at the clinic. Without that availability I would not have been able to participate. I only wish I could have brought my own horse so she could have gained from the clinic. I continue to be as impressed with your knowledge and skills as observed on your web site.

  Sincerely, Bobbie K., Newland, NC

I just wanted to write you and tell you again how grateful I am for the time you spent with me and Reno.  It was honestly the best thing I have ever done with my horse and for my horse.  I am still amazed at how much you accomplished with us in just one day.  He is a different horse now.  He is focused on me and is looking for me to tell him what to do. When I lead him, he is paying attention to me.  He walks behind me and not over me.  I can get him to back up with just a wiggle of the rope.  Just this small little thing has made such a world of difference because with Reno, it carries over into everything!  It is absolutely amazing!!!!  Before you helped us, Reno “tolerated” and “humored” me.  Now he respects me and accepts me as the leader.  And you were right.  He does like it better this way.
      I am different too.  I am starting to think like a horse. You showed me a new way of communicating with Reno.  You put words and theory into action with body language which really clicked with me.  I keep thinking back to when you were working Reno in the round pen and he was being a real butt about it.  You made a face at him like you were pinning your ears back at him and he reacted to your body language.  I could almost hear his surprise.  It made a difference.  You acted like another horse to him and he took notice.  Several times during the day, you talked about “getting into his head”.  I'm working on it.  I pay attention to how I approach him now so it is not like a predator.  I talk to him more and let him know he is safe with me.  I feel so empowered with this new way of thinking.  My confidence level has gone up about a million notches!!  Natural Horsemanship as taught by Pam Tanner is the only way to go!
     You are a great and patient teacher.  There were some who tried to talk me out of doing a clinic, but I am so glad I didn’t listen.  You have given me and Reno a brand new start with each other and for that I will be forever grateful!  You are our hero.
     Before I close, I want to thank you for your continued support.  When you left last week, you said you would help me find the right saddle for Reno and if I had questions to contact you.  Well, you have been true to your word.  We have had several emails back and forth and I think that just speaks volumes.  You proved you were not the kind of person who just showed up and collected your fee.  You really got connected with us and our success was important to you.  You are a wonderful, genuine person.
     Well, thanks again for everything!!  I’ll keep you posted on our progress…
Amanda and Reno
Myrtle Beach, SC NOTE:  CLICK HERE for the information sheet Amanda sent me on Reno before our
                  one day clinic.

  I have worked closely with Pam Tanner since I purchased 2 horses from her 3 years ago. I have found her techniques in Natural Horsemanship to be more effective at training and maintaining horses than any of the other leaders in the industry.  Her techniques for colt starting are unbeatable.  I have personally witnessed her deal with most all of the
vices that horses develop in a most successful manner.  I have also found Pam to be extremely honest in the advice she gives and the horses she represents. I highly recommend Pam, her horses and her program.

Clay Turman, NC

  Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Two day Clinic. It would not have happened if you had not taught my paso fino gelding and myself how to load him on the trailer. We learned so much at the clinic. I can now lead him without him invading my "personal space". He seems less spooky in the pasture. Most of all thanks for taking him for the 2 weeks after the Clinic for additional training. He let me wash him with the water hose (unbelievable) without jumping away from the hose. Thanks for getting him ready for your farrier (his 1st set of shoes in 3 yrs.) I can not thank you enough for all your help. You and your assistants are totally awesome!   Shirley, NC

  My husband are I are novice horse owners.  In our naivete we bought two "pretty" Tennessee Walkers. We soon realized that these were not horses for the novice owner. Although pretty they had very bad manners. We read and read about how "natural horsemanship" could help in creating a wonderful partnership between you and your horse, one of mutual respect and understanding. Everything we read made sense, until we went to try it.  NOTHING WORKED!!  It didn't work because words do not translate into actions. You can read a multitude of books on the subject but until you have someone actually help you with the correct procedures you never know how far to push, when to be more assertive and the all important WHEN TO RELEASE!  We signed up for Pam's clinic and it all came together.  The knowledge that we gained from books was helpful but her direction and careful attention to specific problems really helped us to understand how to train our horses in the natural horsemanship style.  My horse was pushy and disobedient.  He lead me around and had no respect for me being the leader.  Now he leads like a dream.  I can allow him to eat while I hold him and give him a simple "que" to stop eating...AND HE DOES!  He backs up 10 feet off a lead rope with just a little wiggle.  Under saddle he is more calm and confident.  Before the clinic we could not gait because he would get all emotional and erratic.  He can now gait farther than he ever has and I can stop him with no problem and he remains calm. Pam's clinic is truly worth the money, which in my opinion is quite reasonable compared to the "famous" natural horsemanship trainers, and she is every bit as good!   

Tracey, Snow Camp NC

   My horse Portia and I attended the April 4-5 clinic.  As I told you, I had hoped to return with a "new and improved" horse.  2 weeks later and she still is being lovely.  We've had 2 trail rides around our property and several lessons in the ring with no spooking, shying, or temper tantrums.  Went to our 1st away show and Portia could not have behaved better-didn't shy at the judge or refuse or over-jump the new, scary jumps AND got a Reserve Champion.  I'm feeling calm and confident and she's being respectful.  Thanks so much.  It is amazing that the backing-up and flexing and bag work could change her behavior in such positive ways.   

Meeta J., Norfolk VA

Dear Pam:
   Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your clinic this past weekend. In the past several years I have taken my horse to Buck Brannaman clinics and Ray Hunt clinics and I have been a spectator at a Pat Parelli clinic. All these clinics are very good and I learned so much about working with my horse, however, I feel that your clinic was the best one I have ever been to. I like the size of your clinic and I like the fact that you check with each rider before moving to the next training skill. You are very patient which helps horse and rider relax. Also, I like your schedule of groundwork the first day and then the second day working on those same skills from the saddle. Thanks again for the learning experience....and I will take your advice: groundwork, groundwork, groundwork !!
   Bobby Turner
   Spartanburg, SC

  Hi Pam, I so enjoyed your clinic, I learned so very much. I sense you are a true professional in every sense of the word.  I will see you again very soon . 

  Blessings,  Sharon K.

  Hi Pam,  Just wanted to tell you how pleased we all are after the clinic last spring.  Each one of the horses has progressed into great partners over the summer.  Your clinics are interesting, fun, and educational to everyone.  We all came with different breeds, Arab, Quarter horse, thoroughbred and Warmblood with different levels of horse experience and learned things that have made us and our horses much happier. 

  Kay, Anna, Rodney and Kate

I really enjoyed the clinic. It was worth every penny! I really appreciate your time you spent with me and Ace. I have been working really hard on the parelli dvds I really want to take my level one test, but I need to work on the riding part.  You showed me that I was not being the leader and I can't tell you how much I really needed that. I think I was getting in a rut because I have been working on this level one for a year, in part because I get real sick in the spring and summer and it limits me on my time with Ace.  I wish I could apply for your apprenticeship but I feel I live too far away to be of any use. I still would love to take more courses when I can. Ace has been so in tune with me since the course and it has put us back where we needed to be. I want to take a minute to also thank Katelyn for her assistance  with trailer loading Ace and also taking over when I was too hot to continue. That was so nice for her to help me out, thank you Katelyn!!  Well I hope to see you again with another clinic.

  Best Wishes and bunches of thanks..........Trudi Helmick and ACE!

I am amazed each and every day that I am with DayDreamer.  She went to you as a “hard to manage” horse that I was afraid to ride out in the open, much less put my two youngest daughters on the back of.  I knew that I did not know enough and that is why I sent her to you.  Since she has come home, we have been able to ride outside of the arena AND inside the arena.  She is calm and does not spook at the littlest things around the farm.  While we continue to work on her and her speeds, I was able to put my five year old on her back the other night outside of the arena and DayDreamer followed me all over the place.  While I loved this horse before she left, you have given us new bonding points and now we are able to experience more than just working inside the arenas.  I can never thank you enough.  I hope that my barn will offer you the opportunity to come back and offer a clinic. 

  Thanks again.  Brian

  Pam, I would like to thank you so much for giving the clinic at Northwood Stable yesterday.  It was most generous of you and I learned a lot, my head is crammed full.  I have "informed" my husband I will be at your clinic coming up in K'ville and told him it would keep me safer and get me back on a horse, so he gave up. I had been in such despair over Sonny and of my riding again.  Now I have confidence you will help me get a grip on my insecurity in the saddle just as surely as you helped Sonny and me communicate on the ground.  He absent-mindedly tried to walk past me this morning, intent on going out, and I gently reminded him we were now on new terms.  He said, oh, I remember, sorry mom, and he was a good boy.  He has not been mouthy at all, has not been in my face.  I did ask people not to pet him at the clinic, I wanted his time with you (and me too) to sink in his head.  I hope that was the right thing to do.  I wanted his attention on me.  And I was thrilled he stood by me and did not move into the space of people who stopped to ask about him.  It was such a luxury to have him cooling out on a loose rope, enjoying the event, no worries. Once again, you have no idea how much hope you have given me. 

  Take care and see you soon,
  Debbie White and Sonny

  Hi Pam; it was great to see you again.  Always fun to get together!  I wanted to write and tell you I have had an amazing breakthrough with Turbo.  The next day (after our day clinic) I worked with him on moving his hindquarters over and the backing up cue. He is doing better and better. I worked on the lateral flexes and he is doing really well. I practiced the one rein stop in the pasture at the walk, trot and canter believe it or not and he was perfect. He shut down immediately to a stop and waited for me to cue him off again.  It was amazing. I did some bending exercises with him and he was quick and responsive.  I cant believe the change in him.  I  took him out on a two hour trail ride yesterday and he didn't spook or give me one bit of resistance.  He was quiet, happy and relaxed and respectful of every cue I gave him. I just couldn't believe it.  I kept practicing the left and right flexing exercises while I was riding and he would stop dead and wait.  Just amazing.  He is a completely different horse. He didn't even try one time to turn around and come back to the barn. He went everywhere I asked him to on a loose rein.  I practiced shutting him down at the walk trot and canter on the trail and he was a perfect gentleman. Stopped dead.  You would not believe its the same horse.  Now I can progress on to the other exercises I am learning. He is really going to surprise everybody I think.  I am going to teach him side passing, bending, lead changes, backing, vertical collection, all that stuff. Thanks so much for your help!
Love, Jill  
***Pam's Note***  This horse would run off with Jill frequently and act excited and spooky when out riding. He ran her back to the barn many, many times. Instead of giving up on him and selling him, she chose to purchase a day clinic with me to improve his attitude, training and their overall relationship.

  Hi Pam,
Just wanted to say thanks for the clinic yesterday.  Despite the blazing heat, Gary, Mary, Trudy and I all thought it was well worth while.  Although Rocco is generally a confidant, calm, horse I still think it was good for him to go through all the exercises.  Please let us know when you have other clinics...especially one that you think Jordi (Gary's appy) would benefit from.

  Thanks again,
  Mary Bruner

Thank you again for the experience and knowledge that Jaime Raiford and I gained from your clinic last weekend.  I realize that Tsara was a difficult subject for the clinic, but she was Jaime's choice.  She wanted to see what the training would do for Tsara, and she intends to take her on as a project and continue the clinic work with her at the farm to help make her more amenable to human contact. The clinic did worlds of good for Jaime's confidence, and I really appreciated the compliment that you paid her and Tsara at the end of the day Sunday saying that they were the most improved of the clinic participants. Thank you for working so closely with Jaime on Sunday and for giving her the opportunity to learn so much. 

  Jean Bishop, Legacy Farm, Statesville, NC

  My horse Daisy was described by Pam as one of the most unforgiving mares she had ever worked with. She successfully intimidated everyone who owned and rode her, including me. Pam's amazing ability to assess her personality and tailor a training program to her needs as well as mine was the key to turning our relationship around. Pam was very patient, figuring out the pace I learned best at and knowing when to urge me forward to do more, never too soon, and always with positive encouragement. Personally, I think this is Pam's most valuable asset. I worked with other trainers who had marvelous success with the horses, but sorely lacked in people skills. Pam is a marvelous teacher who clearly explains the concepts and is able to demonstrate each lesson in the saddle. Since horsemanship is a partnership, it is equally important that the rider comes away with the knowledge and skill to continue the training at home. Since Daisy came home we continue to improve. There are no more fights, just enjoyable rides. This is the largest improvement I've ever made in my horsemanship, and I owe it all to Pam.

Hey Pam,
  An update on Daisy...she's doing very well. We went out trail riding Friday and she didn't even want to come back in! She was listening pretty well, so I let her pick the direction like you suggested. She went up the road, down the road, in Orchard Mountain, back out again. When I started to turn in to the pasture she wanted to keep going on down the road. I believe you were right, she really does like getting out there!  
  The thing you did that made the biggest impression on me was to clearly demonstrate how light light can be. I remember watching C.A. on RFD and thinking I should aspire to use the stick as gently as he when I watch him I think he's too "loud". The other day I was cleaning up the corral and Daisy came in on her own. I started asking for a few turns, etc. and she responded. I felt she was pretty focused so I got bold (I thought) and made a motion with my hand as if I was combing the reins asking for a lateral flex and her head came right around. Not even a halter on her! I swear I almost cried. She's still a tester without a doubt, but it's at a manageable level for me now.I  know I have so much more to learn, but I am really pleased with our progress so far, and can not thank you enough. Perhaps I'll attend a clinic in the future. I don't think you'd have to put us in a corner anymore!  
Anne Stott and Daisy

Good morning Pam,
I just wanted to follow up with comments on your training clinic in Kernersville, NC.  It was a wonderful experience for me.  It was a lot of information and it feels like I have lost more than I retained and want to attend more of your clinics.  Maybe all that information is in my head somewhere and I really didn't loose it.  I'm hoping that is the case.  I am very pleased that I attended your clinic and look forward to the next one.   
Irene Henry

ShadowPhax is an 11 year old, used to be "evergreen", Polish Arabian.  He is very full of himself, and was terrified of the world in general.  He has a lot of baggage, to put it mildly.  I bought him 2 years ago and worked him for 3 months on the ground before I rode him.  We worked through many of his problems, but it got to the point that I did not know how to take him any further.  How did I know this?  Well, the fact that he would rear and strike at me, charge me and then try to double-barrel kick me when I asked him to do something out of his comfort zone was a pretty good clue!  So, despite my promise to him that I would never sell him, I came to the conclusion that someone with more horse sense would need to take him on.  That is when I hooked up with Pam.  She came out to the farm, did an evaluation, and then suggested we go to "boot camp" at her place.  After the first day, I realized I needed to revise my goals for the month since we had already accomplished 90% of what we (Shadow and I) set out to learn!  The first of April this year, I got my "new" horse back to the farm. He sure looks a lot like the old ShadowPhax, but on the inside he is someone VERY different.  This past weekend I loaded him into the trailer (he would not even consider getting near a trailer prior to this), trucked him to a friend's house, rode him in a strange place for the afternoon (before this, he would have been out of control and totally freaked), loaded him back up and took him home.  We both still have all limbs in place, not a single 911 call, and are ready to go again.  Pam, you are the best!!     

Karen Reid,    
Cary, NC

Hi Pam,
  I just wanted to let you know how wonderful I thought your de-spooking clinic was. Tonya and her daughter enjoyed it tremendously, too, and are thrilled with Leo's progress.
  After participating in the "C.A." clinic not too long ago and comparing the two, it is obvious one can accomplish the same if not more without the use of force. I was impressed with your patience and confidence and the fact that ALL 15 horses made huge accomplishments in just one day.
  It is great knowing we have a NH trainer right here in town that we can all turn to. I will look forward to bringing one of my yearlings to one of your clinics, soon, I hope.
Thanks again!  

Sharon N., NC

Dear Pam,
    I wanted to thank you for introducing us to Natural-Horsemanship with an emphasis on being a partner with your horse.
    We bought a green four-year old quarter horse mare for our daughter.  After getting her to our farm she became defiant, stubborn, and disrespectful when we tried to ride her.  While Katelyn would attempt to ride her she would stop and refuse to go, then buck, all while trying to bite her.  We ruled out poor saddle fit, and any health problems.  The previous summer we had visited Pam and watched several of her training sessions.  We immediately knew we needed her help.
   "Texce" spent two months training under Pam.  We loved Pam's approach because she's kind and patient without having to be rough with the horse.  Katelyn was able to train along with her so she could follow up when we brought Texce home.
    Not only did Texce turn out to be the sweetest, most gentle horse, Katelyn has won over 40 ribbons (including 15 first and second places) in her first year of showing. Katelyn is able to jump on her in the pasture and ride her bridleless and bareback.  She can turn on her forehand, hindquarters and side pass.  (Did I mention how clumsy she was before?)  She is also a terrific trail horse and I even feel safe putting my youngest daughter on her.
    Thanks Pam for making Texce worth her weight in gold!!
Kathy Y., Greensboro NC

***Pam's Note***  I just want to say that it has been Katelyn's tenacity and dedication throughout this past year that has brought Texce to where she is today. I gave Texce the start she needed and Katelyn the tools and instruction she needed to follow through with her training. I must say that Texce was one of the most difficult horses I have trained to date. Katelyn has come just as far as Texce, being forced to learn amazing degrees of patience to have successfully achieved true partnership with her horse. She started out as a very timid rider and it has been such a thrill to watch her blossom into the confident rider she is today. Congratulations, Katelyn. You've earned it!!

Dear Pam,
My daughters and I attended your, "Despooking" clinic for horses.  I must say that it was well worth the time and money spent to attend that training session.  We have a nonprofit organization entitled Shining Hope Farms located on the Internet at  We specialize in therapeutic horseback riding where we serve children and adults that have disabilities in order to improve their quality of life.  It is vitally important that our horses are calm and quiet during lessons.  The skills that I learned at your clinic will help us to desensitize the therapy horses for the programs that we offer at our farm.  Watching your mannerism with the horses was insightful as well.  You were kind, but firm in getting them to respond in a positive way to the concepts you were trying to teach them.  I will gladly recommend your clinics to others in my profession. 

Thank you sincerely,
Milinda Kirkpatrick

Dear Pam,
   I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed the clinic this past weekend. It made me realize how much I still have to learn and how important it is to establish some "ground rules" with your horse from the very beginning. It is also encouraging to know that this technique is universal and can work on any horse, provided the owner is willing to dedicate the necessary amount of time and effort. I just want you to know, and I said this to several people this past weekend, I truly believe that you have a special way with horses and I enjoyed seeing that first-hand; you command their respect and you receive it. Like I told you yesterday, some of the information was a bit technical for me but it was good for me to hear and I look forward to learning more from you. Just learning how to keep my horse a safe distance away from me, the backing up exercise from day one and sitting back in the saddle and making them back up from day two, was worth every penny.
   Thanks again to you, your husband and your staff of energetic young girls for a nice weekend.
   Jodie Massey
   Salisbury, NC

I have an American Saddlebred gelding named Pirate's Blaze of Fortune. "Pirate" was and still is a big boy (16+ hands and around 1100 lbs). At the time, he was 2-½ years old and while we had been trying to work with him on our own, he was proving to be very aggressive and was bucking everyone off. The last straw came when he bit my daughter and bucked her off. Additionally, he would charge, kick, get in my space, walk over me, refused to load in a trailer, reared when being lead, constantly nibbled on everything, put his butt to you in the stall, and would rush when led out of the stall.
    Not only were his ground manners terrible, but in the pasture, he would torment my neighbor's kids when they played outside (in their own yard), chase dogs, and he even cornered and terrified an electrician from Duke Power who had come out to fix a power outage. He was acting more like a wild stallion than a gelding.
    I knew we needed the help of a professional trainer and  we'd heard of Pam Tanner's excellent reputation. She had also been highly recommended by a friend who also has horses. So, we sent Pirate to Pam for training. After only 30 days, he came back a totally different horse. My friends who knew of his prior problems, thought I had traded horses. Now, everyone who comes in contact with him says he is so friendly and well mannered. His ground manners are excellent: he respects your space, waits for you to put his food down and will even back away from his meal if you ask him to. He will also now allow me to pick up his back feet.
    His pasture behavior has also changed. You can now walk anywhere in his pasture or stall and if he gets too close, I simply use the hand cues Pam taught me and Pirate moves away. When before I sent him to Pam, he refused to load into a trailer, he now loads like a dream. Pam's de-spooking techniques were very effective, as Pirate isn't fazed by anything. My daughter even rode him for Halloween with garland streaming off his saddle pad and bridle.
    I would strongly recommend Pam to anyone with a horse to train. I'm so glad to have found a very gentle, willing partner in Pirate since learning how to communicate with him without having to yank on his halter to get him to listen. Instead of just working with him and returning him to us, Pam encouraged us to come out to her facility and watch her work with Pirate. While there, she showed us what she had accomplished and taught us techniques so we would know how to handle Pirate when we got him home. She treated my horse with not only love, but with the firmness that he desperately needed, and all without hurting him.
    Maria R.
    Asheville, NC

    Taking Norman, our QH gelding, to Pam Tanner was our last resort and our last chance before selling him.  We had purchased Norman a few months earlier and our hopes for what we thought he would be were nothing close to what we had in him.  He pushed me around on a daily basis and had such a bad attitude.  I heard about Pam from another natural horsemanship trainer who is not in this area.  We went to visit Pam's facility and talked with her and I immediately liked her.  We took Norman in October for 30 days of training.  We went back to visit within two weeks and the difference was amazing.  As we watched Norman follow Pam around in the training arena, all we could do was wonder how this could be the same horse.  Soon after, he was being tied without stomping, bridling without fighting, and riding on trails, which we were never able to do.  We brought our mare to Pam in December after deciding we wanted to leave Norman there until we were ready for them both at our new farm.  We have them home now and are so happy with them.  I emphasize Norman so much because in our eyes, it was a hopeless case.  I am so glad we did not give up on him  he is such a sweet and loving horse now.  Pam has a special gift and we are so glad she has used this gift to touch so many lives.  We love you Pam!
    Julie H.
    Greensboro, NC

    When my mother told me of Pam Tanner and of the demonstration she was coming to give, I did not think anyone could change my horse Rusty.  I could not comfortably ride him; much less lead him from place to place without using a stud chain and him dragging me around.  He was always nervous, and would kick, bite, buck and run me over at any given time.  He was not a safe horse.  When I met Mrs. Tanner, I asked her to help me train my horse so I could sell him.  At this point in time, I did not want him anymore, even though I loved him.  She decided to use Rusty in her clinic demonstration, and within an hour, he completely changed.  He would respect my space, allow me to lead him, stop when I stopped, back up out of my space when asked, move his hip over and face and and even stand quietly without being tied.  I now did not want to sell him!  My mom and I invited Mrs. Tanner to our barn again, but this time to do a clinic.  I had saved my money over the past few months just so I could participate.  Rusty not only learned tons, but I did also and we have had a great relationship ever since.  Thank you Mrs. Tanner for everything!  I have learned so much and hope to intern with you soon!!
    Erin M.
    Camden, NC

    My family and I purchased a farm and wanted to acquire some animals to live on the farm with us.  It had been over 20 years since I had spent significant time with horses, and I had lost much of the confidence and ability that I had had as a young girl.  I also had unpleasant memories of not always responding to a "misbehaving" horse in an appropriate way.  In my heart, I wanted to know, "How do I treat a horse and how should I expect a horse to behave toward me?"  At stake also was the training of my four young children.  I wanted to make sure I was passing along only good habits.  My husband was also an inexperienced horse owner.
    We found Pam's website and read about her philosophy and methods.  It all sounded great, but was it true?  We contacted Pam and went to see her and some of her horses.  All that we had read about her seemed to ring true in the time we spent with her.   We ended up buying one of her horses!   Prince came to our farm one week after we moved in.  Prince's ground manners, willingness, and responsiveness to training make him stand out!
    We have acquired and sold some other horses along the way.  Most of them have been friendly, but ill-mannered.  It becomes irritating and frustrating to get pushed around by a horse!   With young children, I am always thinking about their safety, especially. With all of this in mind, I recently called Pam and hired her to come help us with our horses.  In one afternoon she worked with us, and four of our horses.  We saw tremendous progress with "Captain", our sweet, but stubborn, 13h pony, with which she spent the most concentrated time that day.  What a pleasant change in him!   Pam taught us to set and maintain clear boundaries with Captain.  "Horses need a leader and are much happier and at ease when someone else is in charge," Pam says.  I can see that she is right.  All this time, the horses have been in charge, and that was making everyone unhappy.
    Pam's methods don't just sound good; they are good.  In fact, she has been honest, caring and effective with the horses and with us.  I saw her win my horses' trust and respect in one afternoon.  In fact, within about 1 hour of working with Captain, he was following her around waiting to see what she might next do or ask of him.   I am so happy that Pam would come and help us like she did.  Our experience with horses took a turn that day.  We are now traveling down a different, more loving, safer, and happier road with our horses.  We look forward to working with Pam in the future to continue to learn and refine our understanding of "Natural Horsemanship."
    Amy Jo
    Durham NC

Hi Pam,
Just a short note to let you know of Billy's progress since he left there. When we brought him to you, he would not stand still to mount and was so very nervous on the trails. It's now 4 months since we brought him home and I have only had one time where I had to back him up so he would stand still to mount.  He learned his lesson well.what a difference this has made!   I can saddle him and ride w/o having to worry about spending ½ hour getting on him. At one point we thought we were going to have to sell Billy because he just wasn't the right horse for us we recently had someone inquire if he was still for sale.the answer, absolutely NOT.
    Riding him in your ring.even for the hour or so you spent with me was enough to give me more confidence on Billy and has allowed me to ride him without worrying about what he will do.  He still carries his head low and relaxeda comfort to know I can control him.  One hour working with you and him in the ring was more valuable than all the lessons I had.
    Thank you.  You saved us the countless hours of trying to sell him and find another horse.  I knew he was the perfect horse for me!!!
   Susan K.

Hey Pam!
It's been almost two years since I've bought Sassy from you, and she just keeps getting better! She's gone from being the horse who's hard to catch & one who always wants to run to being the first horse at the gate. I can easily hop on her in the pasture without a halter and its like she knows exactly where I want to go, and at the speed I want. It's so nice to be able to trust a horse like that! We definitely have a partnership where we both trust each other completely, and I owe it all to you! Thank you for all that you've taught me!
    High Point NC

I just wanted to take the time to let you know that the 2 day clinic I bought for my husband was invaluable. His enthusiasm in being a new horse owner thrilled me, but I also knew that he needed some instruction in horsemanship and handling his new horse to help ME feel totally comfortable. The work you did with his horse Rojo, and the patience you had with my husband has planted a seed of knowledge that I could never have accomplished. My husband learned more in the two days you spent with him than he could have learned on his own in two years. Anytime I come across someone needing training help - your name is at the top of the list. Thank you.
    Wendy M.
    Oak Ridge, NC

Pam worked with me and my horse, Asa, for 60 days when I didn't have the confidence to ride him.  She was willing to work within my training abilities in natural horsemanship. Asa became a different and more calm horse with Pam's help. Mostly, though, Pam helped me. By the time I took Asa home, I was beginning to gain back the confidence I had lost in riding Asa . I have enjoyed working with Pam so much. This is the second horse that Pam has helped me with and I would do it again in a second. Thanks, Pam!!  Asa and I are again enjoying the trails!
   Susan H.
   Lexington, NC

Hey Pam, I just wanted to thank you for the awesome job you did with my horse Story. He is soo good now! You practically changed him into a new horse. If it wasn't for you, we probably would have had to sell him. He is doing awesome and hopefully we can both finish learning polocrosse and go to tournaments together. Thanks a bunch!
    Mina W.
    Summerfield, NC