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Just wanted to drop a note and say THANKS!!!! We had a really GOOD time yesterday and I appreciate your time and patience in teaching not only Emily, but me about horses... how to really take care of them, tacking them up and just helping me to become comfortable with them. Of all the looking that we have done, I've expressed my concerns to everyone and YOU are the ONLY one to take the time to work with me. Everyone wanted to sell us a horse but no one was willing to work with us or teach us or show us. Thanks again!!!    
Blessings, Kim, NC
Pam, when I was looking on the Internet for a horse I obviously came across the equine hits that you have your web site advertised on. Pam I looked at hundreds of horses and one's that I thought would suit me I saved so I could go back and look again and have a think about. As I have said to you before it was one of your other horses that I really liked, but I didn't have the confidence to go ahead then and contact you, to do it all myself. The horse sold, but for some reason I kept on visiting your web site. Then came Chism......  I was absolutely gutted when you first said you wouldn't consider shipping a horse out (especially overseas) without seeing me ride him first. We were down at our caravan for the couple of days after that and I was really down in the dumps and my hubby said "we'll get a plane ticket and go out there and see her". I was really tempted to do this just to get him, but when I came back you had e-mailed me to say you would think about it. So it all went from there. The point I am making is that you have
Athough I had many years of experience with horses in my youth, it has been about 10 years since I've owned one. I began searching the internet for a horse that would suit my needs. Due to poor health, I required a horse that was easy to work with on the ground and spook proof when being ridden. I purchased a 12 year old Gelding from Pam that is ideal. This horse is lovable, handsome and has excellent manners. He has plenty of "get-up-and-go" but is not hard to control. Pam took the time to let me make certain the horse was right for me. She is a very knowledgable horsewoman and honest person to deal with. Thanks Pam!     Sue W., KY
Pam, just wanted to let you know how terrific we think "Cisco" is and could not be more pleased with him. We have had 7 baby goats so far, we were amazed at how protective he was of the first one, he would follow them around in the pasture and lay down close to them when they layed down... he is so gentle inside the barn and is very careful not to step on one of them, with 7 they are running and jumping everywhere around him... thank you for your guidance and making a perfect fit in a horse for our family.Gail M., NC
Pam, just wanted you to send you a picture of Sundance and our daughter Kayla. She just won two Blue ribbons in the Walk/Trot at a local show and they even won Championship of the Division! We are so proud of her and Sundance. 
  Tim C.
  Savannah GA
Thank you Pam for selling me such a great girl. Sundae and I have a blast trail riding all the time and she's just what I was looking for in a trail horse. I appreciate your honesty and williness to work with us on a trial to get to know each other since I live in Maryland! I wouldn't give her back for all the money in the world now and I have had a million compliments on her! Thanks again.      Angela P.,  Maryland
I just wanted to tell you thanks so very much for helping me find Chance! He is the best horse in the world and I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world! I can get on him in the pasture and ride him around with just a lead rope around his neck to guide him. Everyone that rides him wants to buy him but I have to turn all of them down! We have even gone to shows! If it wasn't for you I would never be having the time of my life with Chance! You and him both have taught me so much with my rideing skills. And I thank both of you! God Bless You!
  Jessi B.,  Summerfield, NC
Just wanted to send a short testimonial: Cody is more of a Jewel than a little girl could dream of.  Jenna and he are getting along great. He follows her around wherever she goes without a halter; around the farm, in and out of the barn, in and out of the trailer!!  He is totally solid riding and we spend a lot of our time out on the trails.  He just goes wherever she wants and does whatever she asks which in itself is amazing because at 9 she changes her mind a lot!! Never seems to bother him!!  He has never spooked or refused a thing. He really seems to take care of Jenna. Thanx for hooking us up with Jenna's Treasure for Life!!     Karen and Jenna - NC

  Pam, just wanted to update you on Indy. He is truly the most perfect horse for me. If I had searched the world over, I could not have found a horse that could make me any happier or be more perfect !!!  I love his disposition and he really is one of the most intelligent horses I've ever had the pleasure of knowing... he is so smart!!  I just love him to pieces and my husband loves him too. We are both simply thrilled to have him in our family and he is very happy also :) He has finally found the little girl that will love him so much and brush him and whisper sweet things into his ear like "I love you Indy"  :)  Take care and let's keep in touch...I miss hearing from you! You're the best horse trainer/person I know !!

Janie :)       
Council Bluffs, Iowa

  Pam, We wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all of your assistance in purchasing our first horse, "Princess".  We could not be happier and we think that she is happy too.  Her manners are outstanding and I feel very comfortable with the kids around her and riding her.  Both Peter Michael and Shane are riding her successfully and safely.  The vet, the ferrier and a neighbor, who owns several western show horses, were all are amazed at her ground manners.  They are shocked and comment in amazement that "I don't know where you found a horse like that, as a first time horse buyer".  I guess that we have you to thank.  We will definitely be attending your next clinic in NC...Not that she needs it.  I think I will be a better owner having more training myself.
    Best wishes...The Barys Family -   Wilmington, NC

  Pam, I just wanted to let you know what a great horse Stanley is. He is kick along quiet. My Mom has been having a blast and yesterday my niece got on him and he was a saint. My Mom has been walking and trotting. I have been working on the canter but my Mom isn't ready yet. She will be. Lexie cantered him yesterday and she looked so cute on him. He definitely has a home for life.Beth K., NC

  Pam helped me so much with finding a new horse. I've just come back to riding after being away for 10 years. Pam helped me select the best horse for me. She took the time to go for a trail ride that had me convinced this was the horse for me. Included in her sale price was training the horse to have good, respectul ground manners. He came to me with respect for me being his new owner. Pam has always taken the time to answer questions about him in general when I needed her. I have found Pam to be very knowledgable about horses and would certainly go back to her if I desired another horse. Thanks Pam.    Susan H., NC

  Just wanted to update you on Hunter. He is doing great!  I have taught him how to barrel race.  He's really good!!!  At first he was scared of the barrels, and jumped back every time I put him up to a barrel.  He can run a 17sec. on the barrels in youth right now, and he's still getting faster.  I think he likes me alot.  His pasture is right above my house and every time he see's me he yells at me and comes running for me to play with him.  My sister's horse got along with him right away, and now they never want to be apart.  I will try to send a picture if I can.
  Hendersonville, NC

I was looking for my first new horse in 27 years after my dear, sweet, registered QH, Bob, died at the age of 30 this past summer.  After an intense mourning period (my gosh—I’d owned him 27 of his 30 years!), a friend told me about Pam, so I began visiting her website.  On two different occasions, I saw horses that I was interested in, but after calling Pam, they’d both already been sold.  On the second phone call, however, Pam said, “But I do have this Paint that I just got in.  You may like him.”  She said she’d email me photos.  I knew the moment I saw the photos that this was the horse I’d been looking for.  After meeting Jazz “in person”, I really knew he was the right horse.  He is gorgeous!  He’s a well-built, well-muscled “tank” with an absolutely gorgeous head; he’s liver chestnut with a big sprawling blaze, and plenty of white markings.  His personality and expressions reminded me so much of Bob’s.   He was built like a
Quarter Horse and was flashy like Bob too.  It felt like I had Bob back.  I was able to work with Jazz in a two-day clinic of Pam’s prior to purchasing him.  I really got to know him during the clinic.  He was a perfect gentleman and I really enjoyed being exposed to natural horsemanship.  Natural horsemanship wasn’t popular back in the 1980’s when I was showing and riding Bob, so many of the techniques were new to me.  I am anxious to learn more, so I plan to trailer Jazz to Pam’s and have some one-on-one time with her so that I can be a better owner and rider.  You never plateau with horses!  Even after 30 years of horse ownership, showing, and riding, there’s always more to learn.  Pam has been very prompt and supportive post-purchase about any questions I’ve had.  She’s not in the business for the quick sale—she’s truly there to establish and then foster lasting horse/owner relationships.  She’s a gem in the horse world!! You rarely see a Pam out there. I’ve always said the more nicknames you have for an animal, the more special they are.  So, thanks, Pam, for finding Jazz (Jazzy-Boy, J.B., the Jazzmeister, B) for me! He’s a doll and I’m so appreciative that you matched me with my second life-time horse.

Kim H., Stanfield, NC
Ellen has been so delighted with Libby, our second horse acquired  from you.  Here Ellen has jumped on her in the ring and is trotting her all around without a bridle, using her legs, seat and not even a halter!    We enjoy LIbby because she is an excellent equine partner for Ellen (age 13), and because she gets along very well with our dogs,  cats, goats, and cows.  She even will share her hay with anything else that wants to share. Her behavior is so gentle and good. Like all of the horses we have had, we can see the importance of being consistent with the methods you have taught us. When we do, her performance and behavior get better and better. All of the principles you have taught us have served us very well and helped us to have better relationships with all of our animals. It is peaceful and gratifying (and safe!). We look forward to more opportunities, whenever they may come, to learn from you and increase our understanding of how to

successfully work with horses.   Pam, you really know what you are doing.  Thanks, again.  Amy Jo and Ellen Akin, and family

NOTE FROM PAM: "Libby" is a 3yr. old Arab/Mustang cross that I started under saddle. I know a lot of people have been advised to stay away from young horses. The age is not as important as what type of training they have had. I have trained and sold many young horses, all with great success. I always say, "Give me a young horse that has no bad history over an older, spoiled horse with bad habits or history any day!"
Hello Pam,
We wanted to let you know that Scout is working out wonderfully.  He and Meagan went to their first horse show 8/4 and they won 1st place in walk trot.  They went to a horse camp together and Meagan absolutely had the best time with Scout.  Thank you so much for him, he puts a great big smile onher  face every time she is with him.
Traci in Florida

Memphis continues to be such a good boy. His personality has come out more over time and he has a funny streak in him.  For some reason playing with a broom is great fun.  I feel blessed to have found him! 

Memphis is also an awesome trail horse!  Saturday we took him to Southern Pines and rode the trails at the Walthour Moss Foundation.  He was totally rock solid the entire ride. He just puts his head down, relaxes, walks on and enjoys the ride.  We had two other horses along who took turns being “bad boys” and I mean BAD as in bucking and jumping around, balking and spooking.  Memphis ignored them, did his job and you could see him enjoying himself.  At one point there was a small shallow stream crossing the sandy trail.  The other 2 (geldings also) hesitated and one backed

up.  Memphis walked right to the water, ears up, took a look and walked right in and started to drink.  The other 2 then joined us, (the stream monsters did not eat Memphis) one on each side and they immediately began pawing the water and soaking Memphis and I.  Memphis was so good, he and I walked out of the water waited for the other two to stop.  When they did we went back and got our drink and went on our merry way. He loads with no problem at all.  He is used to turning around in a trailer to get off so we did some patient work and eventually got him to back off.  We just had to get to the “trust” part and we’ll practice the backing off.  He’s good in the stall, will let me brush him, clean his feet or even clean up the stall around him.  We finally have a horse who likes the jolly ball and moving the plastic chair that sits outside his stall is great fun too. The cats have joined him in his stall and that didn’t bother him.  He likes dunking his hay in his water bucket so I’m giving him 2 buckets of water in the stall at night.  Years ago I had a saddlebred mare that dunked every bite of hay.  She wouldn’t eat her hay without water.  Memphis just likes to eat! Thank you so much for my wonderful guy!  
    Michelle E., NC
Hi, Pam,
I just wanted to let you know that Cody is doing wonderfully. He is looking so much more grown up the past month or two - really getting that QH look to him. :)

His personality remains terrific. He's such a low-key guy - on July 4th, our neighbors did some fireworks next door ( I was not thrilled!) and the two Hannoverians were trotting around, followed by the Shetland pony, who I think was doing it more to keep them company than anything - but Cody marched out to the middle of our arena, stood there and looked up into the sky to watch the fireworks!  It was hilarious.

He just lost a baby tooth and by chance we were standing there when it came out - Dylan kept it and actually bought a little wooden box to put it in!  I haven't figured out what the tooth fairy brings to horses yet... :)

Mainly I wanted you to know he's doing well and we are all very happy with him. I have two clients coming out to work with my therapy horse now, and some days I use Cody instead, as he is such an easy boy to handle as well as very loving, in a way that is not intimidating to non-horse people.

Thank you again for helping us find the right fit - not only for Dylan but likely for Kenzie as well when she out grows her pony... if Cody can jump he will have his work cut out for him. :)

Happiest of holidays to you, and all the best,
Billie, NC

NOTE FROM PAMThis is yet another example of a young horse (only a 2 yr. old) that, due to thorough foundational training, has the confidence of a well seasoned horse.

testimonials, videos, lots of sales, all people want is a genuine seller no matter what they are selling! You come across as this and also as being very patient and a genuine horse lover. What you also try and do with your horses on video is a seller, the following you around, desensitizing, not moving till you tell them, the ground work etc. So keep up the good work!  The DVD you did for me is absolutely brilliant and the reason you would do this is so Chism and me get off to the right start. It's not a matter of "thank you, I have your money and now here's your horse". I can ask you anything about him and you reply straight away. You have also cared so much about him thats why I keep in touch and let you know how he is going on. I will be starting to work him on the lunge now and let him get used to his new surroundings, so I can ride him round the massive all weather menage and start doing what I have always wanted to do, ride western. I give everyone your web site, who asks, no doubt someone will soon want a horse from you over here.

Hello Pam, I would just like to say thank you for making my mother, Anne so happy, I am a horse rider and I will be travelling 400 miles tomorrow to meet Chism. I have not seen my Mother so happy in a long time and she loves Chism so much. Thank you for giving her this happiness, I wish you the best of luck with your fantastic career of making dreams come true.

A Police Constable
London England
Anne Nugent, Cheshire, England (UK)
Hi Pam,

Just a quick update on Cody.  He is a wonderful horse. We had a busy Summer attending shows and 4-H. She won lots of ribbons and trophies.  They won Reserve Grand Champion in Showmanship.  What a wonderful surprise for us. Thank you for such a wonderful horse!

Ronda & Jenna Radkins,  Idaho

Hi Pam, 
Thank you for delivering Bailey to us. We all rode him today and he actually went better for us than when we tried him out. He is adjusting very well, has met all of the other horses and already has an 8 year old pasture buddy that never lets Bailey leave his sight. Bailey seems unfazed by it all. As we were tacking him, a door swung in the breeze and smacked him in the butt, he barely moved. While riding, a tractor mower was mowing 15 feet away and a strong breeze was blowing, unfazed. He's been curious about the cattle next door, slightly unnerved by the squawking of guinea hens next door, but otherwise nothing bothers him. I can tell the other boarders are impressed and have all been asking where I got him, so there may be future business for you down the road. Thank you  for selling us our dream horse.          Brenda, Roanoke VA
Pam, I just wanted to thank you so much for Jediah! He is doing so well! he has been such a great horse to me and has taught me how to ride. I have so much fun on the trails and in the ring with him! He always tries and does his best! He has never had a bad day! He always makes me so happy when I see him and he will take care of anyone who rides him! We put visitors on him and put little kids on him and  he knows to take care of people! I look forward to spending a lot of years with him!

Thank you!
Krista Barone age 12

Testimonials?   Have you ever found yourself questioning the validity of words written in some of these?  I have.   But, now here I am writing one, and doing so with such enthusiasm I wonder if can properly convey my sincerity. I purchased Rocky from Pam on June 12, 2008, and from the git-go fell in love with this awesome three year old gelding.  Even my 11 and 12 year old granddaughters are riding him!  How many youngsters would you put on a 15.3h three year old?  Also, how many horses can be ridden English and Western, know leads and leg cues so extremely well that you could put him or her in a lesson program? I took Rocky on a trail ride and to one my granddaughters’ group riding lessons just a couple of days after getting him home.  You would have thought he had been going to these places for years!  Never once did he act uneasy—even while in the rink with numerous, unknown horses!  He did anything and everything asked of him and was content to stand perfectly still in the midst of all the other experienced lessons horses while they were cantering, jumping, etc.  Rocky has absolutely no idea he can refuse to do anything.  His training is unbelievable! It’s obvious he has never been
mistreated by humans or other animals.  Matter-of-fact, he shocked everyone by “grooming” my Golden Retriever.  I can see why Pam states she’d put her 3 year olds up against older horses anytime. I am 63 years old and can’t begin to convey my happiness in finding that special horse I can share so many wonderful experiences with for years to come. Kudos, PAM!  What a wonderful experience this has been, and I’m telling everyone who’s looking for a horse to give you a call.  

  Tana Glockner    California, MD
Pam, Diamond is an absolute gem.  The first couple of days he was pretty freaked out, but by Wednesday afternoon (after it dried out just a bit) Jessi was up and riding him and he was wonderful. He's been calm as can be ever since. I can't say enough great things about him.  We love his temperment and Jessi is very comfortable with him and has no trust issues!  Wallene, Hickory NC
Hi Pam,
I hope you are doing well!  Just wanted to touch base and tell you how happy I am with my horse, Toby.  He is a great teacher for me, so patient and safe.  He is a perfect gentleman in every way on the ground.  Under saddle, we are making steady progress, as he gently challenges me to be light and correct with my aids.  I can't say enough good things about him.  Thanks for doing what you do.  I never could have found such a wonderful horse without your help!  Next summer we would love to come back for a clinic and a reunion.

Suzanne Richey

UPDATE!!  Hi Pam,
About a year and a half ago my mother and I purchased a  horse named Bailey from you. We honestly cannot thank you enough, it has been an absolute joy owning him. I just wanted to give you an update of him since we got him. He has definitely been all over, he did his very first show the end of summer '08 where he got grand champion of the beginner horse division, he was absolutely perfect taking everything in stride. His next show was in September of this year (09) where again he got Grand Champion of both of his division of Intermediate Rider and Youth Hunter Pleasure. He is definitely an eye catcher, everywhere we go people come up to us about him, he loves all the attention; that might be his favorite part of showing :)  The 3rd and most recent show we have done was the Year End Hunter/Jumper Finals where he did incredibly! He was unstoppable and just racked up the ribbons. We came out with one Reserve and one Champion along with qualifying for the 2 championship classes where we came out and won! He is turning into an incredible hunter. My trainer is absolutely in love with him, he just has the best personality and is such a goofball. He always keeps me laughing. He is incredibly smart as well he knows how to open all the gates at the barn as well as the barn doors (he knows exactly how to get to the hay, ha ha) More recently I decided to put his brains to work and he now knows how to smile and bow on command. We also do hunter paces regularly (he absolutely adores them, water crossings are his favorite, ha ha) its incredible how unflappable he is. We also have even fox hunted and he was better than even some of the staff horses. He loved figuring out what exactly fox hunting is and was absolutely perfect. And finally we have done several fun shows where we've played around with some western classes (placing fairly well, 6th out of 21, and 3rd out of 8) as well as even barrel racing, ha ha.  He's not the greatest at that one, but he always enjoys doing new things. Here's his most recent video. He has taught me so much and I seriously cannot thank you enough for helping us find him!      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgXcQM3w5P4      Brittany
It's been nearly 2 years! Time flies! After looking at many horses I decided to pay a visit to Pam. I wanted her to evaluate me and pair me with the right horse. On my second visit I met Dusty.  Now, life is not a romance book...lol. It has not all been easy : he was a trail horse and I wanted to ride dressage; but Dusty has tried and still tries to make me happy everytime we are together. Never tried to bite or kick. Always happy to see me. Because of my job I have to ride at in the dark, about 4AM in the saddle. He works the same: night, day, rain, heat, cold, snow, ice, wind, you name it he will try his best to ride in it. We are redoing the arena. This morning, at 4AM, I took him down there. There are 3 big piles of horse footing ready to be spread and in the corner a big bobcat. Well, he walked past all that and got ready for some work. I don't know many horses who would do that!! Thank you Pam!    Mariette, NC
My daugther, Elaina, has been riding "saddleseat" for 3 years now.  Her dream was to have a horse of her own, at home.  We began the search about a year before we actually were ready to buy.  I ran across Pam's website and made a mental note to contact her when we were ready, because I was so impressed with what I saw demonstrated on the website.  This past July (09), we decided it was time.  Pam was the first and only person we went to!  As soon as Elaina rode "Eliot" she said she knew he was the one.  Everything that I had seen demonstrated on the website, was exactly what I witnessed in person.  Pam and Katelyn helped make the transition from saddleseat to huntseat/western extremely smooth.  Pam is honest......looking out for the best interest of the rider AND horse.  She trains her horses in such a way that just makes sense.  Rider and horse both are happy.  We were fortunate in our timing and have also been boarding with Pam as well.  The experience has been outstanding.  The knowledge and training that my daughter and myself have gained is priceless.  We drive approximately 30-35 miles one way to board with Pam and it is worth every mile.  For times sake, we did check some barns near our home, but NOTHING compared to the care and keeping Pam offers.  Pam treats your horses as if they were her own.  The barns are kept clean, water filled, and hay available to the horses, etc.  As you can see, I could go on and on about the positives.  We would recommend Pam Tanner to anyone who is serious about having an optimal rider-horse relationship!

Jackie Bullard
Lewisville, NC

I just wanted to thank you for all of the time and patience you showed us during our search for the right horse for our family. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the time you took to take us out trail riding so that we could get a real experience with the horse we were looking at. We had such a good time!! It was so wonderful to be riding a horse that I didn't have to fight with all the time. It  was so great to be able to relax and actually enjoy the ride. Thank you also for  the extra effort you made to put ground manners on our horse. He is so obedient! And it was so informative just being around you. You have so much knowledge to share! I just can't thank you enough. I wish there were more like you out there. My husband and I are really looking forward to taking your clinic!!  Lisa H., Atlanta GA