A horse that pulls back and panics while tied is a danger to both itself and those around him. Before attempting to use the techniques in this video make SURE you prepare by finding a very strong, safe place to tie your horse. I would not recommend tying your horse to corral panels, a trailer and definitely not in a barn isle. You need to make sure that if the horse should rear there is nothing the horse can hit their head on. Also, sometimes a horse may feel confined enough to jump forward so make sure that there is no way for your horse to attempt to jump whatever they are tied to and risk getting hung up. Be sure there is plenty of room for your horse to pull back (at least 40 feet) and not run into anything. Horses are very unpredictable when frightened so just use good judgement and common sense when preparing to work with your horse. Think of the worst that COULD happen and take measures to ensure that it doesn't happen.
The tools I recommend are the Blocker Tie Ring, a 30'+ 5/8" Marine Yacht Braid Rope and Rope Halter
For this method to be effective you must follow through completely until the horse no longer attempts to pull back on the rope. Leave yourself plenty of time for this training. If your horse is a chronic case such as the one in this video, it is recommended that you follow up again the next few days and keep at it, tying your horse in different areas. Some horses take lots of consistency, tying them frequently in different areas and situations (using the tie ring) to completely rid the horse of this problem. Be safe, follow through and use good judgement.