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FACT:  The vast majority of equine related accidents and fatalities happen during 
trail riding. We all want to enjoy our horses recreationally and be safe doing it! But we have a problem... horses are wired for fear! Because of this it is absolutely crucial that we learn how to help our horses overcome their fears so that we have the best chance possible for a safe ride. Our horses need to be able to look to us as worthy leaders and trust us to lead them safely through things that they naturally fear.

The foundation of all of my clinics is to build a solid, trusting relationship with your horse where they look to you as leader and protector. I believe the greatest gift that we can give our horses is for them to feel safe and secure in our presence and to know how to be a true leader as the horse views leadership, not how we view it. A clinic such as this is all about creating that special bond of trust and respect between you and your horse. Both of you will come away with a stronger, more secure and confident relationship with one another.

We will start out with groundwork exercises to build a solid foundation of respect and trust.  It is from this foundation that we will begin de-sensitizing with all sorts of objects and obstacles designed to mimic challenges we typically encounter on the trail, as well as some of the Trail and Obstacle Challenges being offered in today's competitions.  All is designed to methodically give both you and your horse more and more confidence, setting us up for a great trail ride! We have miles of beautiful trails exposing your horse to lots of different situations during the ride (water crossings, bridges, etc.). You will be taught how to handle any obstacle with your horse safely and effectively. This clinic is designed for the SAFETY and CONFIDENCE of every rider.  Don't miss out on this one! Participation is limited and clinics always fill up quickly!

NOTE:  Riding in this clinic is OPTIONAL. Some bring their young or green horses and prefer to do all exercises from the ground. This is perfectly acceptable. You then have the option of leading your horse on the trails (if we trail ride) or just opting out of the trail ride altogether. The decision is yours. There will be no pressure on you whatsoever as your safety is always my first priority!
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$150.00 per day

$10 facility fee
(to be paid at the facility)

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(discount rates apply for repeat participants within a year)

Audit Fee $15.00
(non-participants other than family of participants)
DISCOUNT  ($100) If you are a REPEAT Clinic Participant within ONE YEAR and would like to pay by Credit Card using PayPal click  the Icon below.
To:655 Christian Light Rd.
Fuquay Varina, NC 27526
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655 Christian Light Rd.
Fuquay Varina, NC 27526
Saturday May 20, 2017
               10:00 am