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 If you do not see what you are looking for in the horses featured here, e-mail me and tell me what you are looking for and your price range. Chances are I may have something in training that is not yet for sale (many have sold before making it to the website), or be able to direct you to someone who may be of help to you. Thank you for visiting Tanner Horsemanship.


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Pam and Reign
"Sailor" is a 14yr. old registered Paint gelding. He stands at around 15.1 hands with a stocky build. Sailor is very quiet and gentle horse who loves trail riding. He will lead or follow, doesn't matter to him. He's also fun to work in the ring with soft, easy responses and a great stop! He's suitable for both English and Western. Sailor loves to be handled and is very affectionate. I'm looking for that perfect match who will give a loving, permanent home to this wonderful, deserving horse.

"Romeo"(named for his sweet, loving character), is a 4yr. old registered AQHA gelding. He stands between 14.3 and 15h. Although young, he has had lots of professional training on him and is better trained and more quiet and steady than most 20yr. olds out there. He has taken to trail riding naturally and will handle any obstacle he's faced with. He will even boldly take the lead! He has also been through my DeSpooking/Trail clinic and finished like a pro!  Although he is suitable for Western Pleasure showing (especially walk/jog) his owner does not want him to go to a serious show home. We are looking for a permanent home where he can be loved and appreciated for the amazing horse that he is. Video coming soon!


"TT Tacoma" is a gorgeous 16h, 6yr. old registered APHA gelding. He is as sweet and personable as he is beautiful. He has excellent ground manners and temperament. Tacoma loves to trail ride and is also great in the ring. His gaits are super smooth. He is very soft on the bit and excellent in leg cues. He is an outstanding mover and would be suitable either English or Western. He would also make a great Dressage horse. Never taken over jumps, so no experience there. Have a sort of "pre-lim" video but will produce a formal video once ring is dry and sun is out :)

"Jasper" is a beautiful 4yr. old 15.2h registered QH gelding. He has a sweet, affectionate and playful personality with awesome ground manners and quiet temperament. His gaits are smooth with a slow, easy jog and canter. He's very intelligent and wants to please. He took to trail riding naturally due to his curious nature. He LOVES to trail ride and will ride quietly alone. Jasper will make a wonderful companion and partner to the right home. 
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"A League Above Nicky" is a 10yr. old 15.3h AQHA registered gelding with amazing Western Pleasure bloodlines. He is super quiet and gentle with a sweet personality and excellent ground manners. He is well trained western and very comfortable to ride with slow, easy gaits. Nicky is not suitable for english or dressage as, although not lazy, he does not want to stride out with impulsion. Nicky also loves to trail ride, either alone or with others. He gets along with all horses and can be pastured with mares. He is definitely not the aggressor.  Nicky is a very confident horse and will tackle any obstacle you present him with which makes him a really good candidate for Obstacle Challenges and ACTHA events. Clips, loads and ties well, no vices, Looking for the perfect, permanent home.


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"My Stars Glow" (Dillon) is a 4yr. old double registered (AQHA & ARHA) red roan gelding.He stands at about 15.1 hands and may grow a tad more but will definitely be filling out more. He has had lots of professional Western Pleasure training and is a super walk/jog prospect. He is also suitable for Hunter Under Saddle. He has gorgeous, smooth gaits and is as quiet as they come. I have had him out on the trails both with other horses and alone and he acts like a seasoned trail horse. I have trained him to many obstacles and one thing I really love about him is that there is always a "try" to him. He never just flatly refuses anything. He is curious and confident and takes to new situations almost immediately. Another thing I love is his playful and loving personality. He is a very special boy deserving of a special home.  Gets along with other horses.  Clips, loads and ties well. Easy and quiet for the vet and farrier, Looking for the perfect, permanent home.
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"Shane" is a 7 yr. old 15.1h QH gelding. They don't come any sweeter than this guy. He's been with me about a year now so he's been through all of the de-spooking, obstacles, trail riding, etc. I've used him for lessons and he's really good with all sorts of people and riders. He's sensitive in that he really listens to the rider for instructions so I'm looking for someone that already knows how to ride and communicate under saddle. I teach beginners on him which works well under my instruction but I feel if left alone with a beginner he would get frustrated. He's never done anything bad or unkind, never bucked or even threatened to buck or shown any other behavioral problems. He's good all the way around. He's never been spooky or had any problems adapting to any situation I have put him in. I think he'd be great at ACTHA or Western Dressage. He is very soft and responsive. He side passes, leg yields, opens and closes gates... Shane is quiet, kind and gentle. Looking for the perfect home for him. 
"Perfect Deal" is an 11 yr. old 15.1h AQHA gelding. I originally owned him as a 3 yr. old and he has had the same owner all these years. They are retired and traveling so they no longer have the time for horses. I have spent months re-training and taking him through my program and he is now ready for his new home. He has a sweet, humble personality. Very kind in every way with excellent manners all the way around. I really love this horse and trust him with any level rider.  He neckreins, moves his shoulders over with your legs, knows his leads and has great stops. His demeanor both on the ground and under saddle is always the same. He is great on trails and has a lot of "try" in new situations. Gets along great with both mares and geldings. He can be ridden both English and Western. Video coming soon!