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I hold several clinics throughout the year, both public and private. The private clinics (whether by the hour or day) are custom designed to tailor to specific needs.

All clinics are designed with one thing in mind... teaching you how to create a mutually beneficial partnership with your horse. A partnership that is based on mutual trust and respect. Too often I've heard it taught that you are to be the "dominant herd leader". This statement leaves too many with the idea that they have to aggressively "dominate" their horses to gain respect from them. You see, as I've observed horses in herd situations, no horse seems to want to hang out with the dominant (always aggressive) type leader of the herd. There is both fair and unfair in the horse world. Fair with create a friend and partner, unfair will create a horse that is aloof and only gives you what he or she has to.

The dominant type alpha horse (an example of what I would call "unfair" or unnecessarily rough) is visibly more aggressive and will not hesitate to bite or kick when given the slightest opportunity. The other horses in the herd tend to avoid this type of leader and show little or no desire to be near them. But if you look at how each horse treats the one just above them in the "pecking order" you'll find that although they respect that horse's space and trust their leadership, they also feel comfortable just hanging out with that horse. The respect is still there but also the bond of friendship. This is the relationship I want with my horse.  I want them to trust me enough to make decisions for them, but I also want them to respect me as they would another horse who was higher up in the herd.  Now with this trust and respect comes a lot of responsibility on my part. And this is foundation of my clinics... teaching owners what it means to have your horse's trust and respect, how to get it and most importantly, how to keep it. If you will take the time to learn this, and keep your end of the bargain, you'll discover a whole new world with your horse that many only dream of. You'll find that your horse will actually WANT to learn from you, trust your leadership and actually look forward to just hanging out with you. 

Once this crucial foundation is established, we can begin to learn and develop communication skills from the saddle, understanding and building softness, creating that all important "yes" attitude. We will also begin to work on all the "buttons" you'll need to have total body control of your horse and to have him willingly saying "yes" to you every time. Notice how many times I use the word "begin". These clinics will give you all the knowledge and skills to "begin" this process. It is up to YOU to make the commitment to follow up with your horse and to work on these things consistently to solidify what you have been taught. These things have to be PRACTICED after they have been learned. They have to become automatic with you and your horse. So I encourage everyone considering a clinic to ask  themselves if they are truly committed to taking their relationship with their horse and their horsemanship to a new and fulfilling level. This will take patience, humility and dedication.

My clinics are conducted both publicly and privately. 

If you would be interested in a personal clinic with you and your horse, I offer them at my facility or yours. Many have hired me for the day or weekend to work with their foals, start their colts or to work with more than just one horse during our time together. So feel free to call and talk about your needs with me.  Please take the time to view a schedule of my fees on the SERVICES page of this website.

I am also available for free demonstrations to generate interest for clinics in your area. 

The following is a description of the types of clinics offered, although keep in mind that private clinics can be customized to your needs:

TWO DAY CLINICS:    The first day is devoted to building a trust relationship with your horse and establishing yourself as leader with your horse. This is very different than most people and even most clinicians view leadership. In the horse's eyes, leadership means that you are now responsible for protecting your horse. They will give you respect and trust when, and only when this is truly established. We use different groundwork exercises and de-spooking to solidify your relationship with your horse. All of the exercises are specifically designed to begin the bonding process of trust and respect. They are designed to work your horse's mind as well as their body. You will find that the process of teaching these exercises to you and your horse teaches them HOW to learn, while you are perfecting the art of pressure, and the all important timing of your release.

Now that we have your horse's mind, trust and respect, the second day is devoted to learning how to effectively communicate with your horse from the saddle. You will learn all about balance, feel and timing. Your horse will learn to be soft with your requests and will also learn lateral as well as vertical flexion (bending). Problem solving will include dealing with topics such as saddle fit, bits and bitting, "hard mouths", bucking, rearing, head tossing, leg cues, lead changes, head positioning, stopping, backing, gait transitions, and more.  Eligible participants for the second day of the clinic are only those who have participated in the first day, or a Groundwork Clinic.

The fee for a two day clinic is $150.00 per day. You may participate in the Groundwork clinic only but if you would like to participate in the Horsemanship clinic, you must have participated in a Groundwork clinic first.

DE-SPOOKING / TRAIL RIDING CLINICS: This is a REALLY FUN CLINIC!!!  We begin the day with relationship building through groundwork exercises and then move to "bombproofing" your horse with various obstacles and stimulous. These are very successful clinics. If you are a trail rider or ever intend to trail ride, this clinic is a MUST!!! Click here to view more details and be sure to visit the PAM TANNER facebook page for lots of photos.

COLT STARTING CLINICS:These are personal clinics to help you get a great start on your horses. This clinic can be conducted by the hour, day or week, depending on how thoroughly you would like to have your horse started. We can discuss this and personalize a clinic to your needs and budget. 

I am always available for private sessions after each clinic (or the next day) to continue working with any participant needing further assistance. We break once in the a.m., once in the p.m., and one hour for lunch. All auditors are encouraged to bring a chair and a lunch unless it is announced that concessions will be provided for that clinic.

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