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   Pam Tanner is a Natural Horsemanship Trainer and Clinician whose main focus is on relationship-based training. This method of training is designed to develop a trusting relationship between you and your horse. Methods used are based on horse behavior so that the horse can easily understand what is being communicated to him. This creates a learning environment where your horse has the trust and confidence he needs to learn quickly and effectively without the need for mechanical devices or force.

  Pam rides and trains in both the English and Western disciplines. She spent many years traveling the country and working with famous Natural Horsemanship trainers and clinicians, names easily recognized as well as some that are not. She cannot give any one trainer credit for her methods as she feels that every one of them have contributed to her success with horses over the years. When asked today Pam says "I can say with conviction that the horse has given me what no trainer ever could. Nothing replaces the in depth insight and intuitiveness that working with so many horses over the years has given me."  Pam also believes there is not any one special method that is appropriate for every horse. Each horse is an individual and should be treated as such. She believes the method used should suit the personality and sensitivity of that particular horse. For instance, a certain method used on a disrespectful, stubborn and lazy horse would be inappropriate for a very sensitive, fearful horse. So Pam teaches how to assess every horse as an individual and work with them in the way which will most benefit the horse.

   Pam has her training operation in beautiful Louisburg, NC at the Double D Equestrian Center offering 800 acres of beautiful trails (open to the public for a small fee), spacious pastures, large 16' z 20' stalls and both indoor and outdoor arenas. Double D is convenient to Raleigh and surrounding areas as well as Virginia.

Clinics and demonstrations are held throughout the year at various venues. Visitors are always welcome, but by appointment only please.

  Thank you for visiting our site and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or to set up a clinic or free demonstration in your area.
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